Dear Everyone…

Whether you’re struggling with personal life, academics or whatever – I just want you to know, you aren’t alone. So don’t forget that. You CAN push on, and overcome whatever that is bothering you, whatever that you’re struggling with. No doubt, it’ll be difficult but it’s NOT impossible.

Don’t let that negativity or struggle overwhelm you. You’re worth more than that. You are amazing in your own way, despite what society says these days, despite whatever “mainstream” standards they have. A beautiful heart and soul is what that lasts forever, not outside appearances. Not to say that it’s bad to have a good appearance, but it won’t last forever.

You are amazing. There’s only one of you in this world. NO ONE can ever truly replace you, no matter how hard they try. So don’t try and be someone else. Don’t be someone who you’re not.

It’s by being yourself that you’re truly beautiful.

Much love and hugs! =)

P.S: I hope this puts a smile on your face~


Short Story: Stay With Me (Fairy Tail)

Author’s Note: So I recently got into watching the anime Fairy Tail when I clearly should have been doing my assignments. When I watched Loke’s arc, oh damn, the feels – and I became a LokexLucy fan. There’s just something about the two that’s natural and beautiful. Long story short, here’s a ficlet from Loke’s PoV.


Source: fanpop

“Stay with me, don’t let me go,

Cause I can’t be without you, 

Just stay with me,

And hold me close…”

‘Stay with me’ – Danity Kane


Loke leaned against the trunk of the tree, propping up a leg as he absentmindedly toyed with a stray flower in his hands. It had been a long day. Their mission had suddenly escalated in the middle as their client turned out to be an S-Class mage with a vengeance and penchant for revenge, assaulting them after being found out. Said client also turned out to be connected with one of the dark guilds under Oracion Seis. Suffice to say, the Guildmaster was not going to be happy when he found out about it.

The Celestial Spirit’s thoughts turned to Lucy then. She had fought hard, dealing immense damage but  had almost gotten killed by a couple of the mages under the madman’s command who were A-Class. If he hadn’t sensed them in time…

He shook his head, attempting to get rid of his darkening thoughts. She had survived. She lived. And that was all that mattered, he reminded himself.

But what if? What if she’d died? That little voice whispered in his mind.

Loke fought to keep his composure, to keep control of his emotions. He knew that if she had died, it would have probably resulted in him refraining from making anymore contracts. No one could ever replace Lucy – she was the one who had risked both her magic and life for him despite his idiotic act of constantly avoiding her.

She had even called out the Spirit King.

Never, in his life, had he seen the Spirit King willingly appear before a Celestial Summoner. In Earthland, no less. It was…puzzling, though he wouldn’t complain as he was allowed to live after all. But still, it didn’t make it any less strange. 

The stellar mage had also summoned multiple spirits simultaneously, he mused as he recalled the memory. And they weren’t all entirely weak, either. Aquarius. Taurus. Sagittarius. Virgo. Four of them were part of the Celestial Spirits like him. Honestly, in his opinion, she was often underestimated – not to mention she often underestimated herself. After all, she was quite a powerful mage.


Startled out of his thoughts, the spirit glanced up to see his owner crouched down in front of him with a questioning expression on her face.

“Lucy? Shouldn’t you be resting?” He asked, concerned. “What’re you doing here?”

“I’m fine,” the stellar mage gave an exasperated sigh. “I couldn’t sleep. You know how those two are.” She grimaced, jerking a finger in the direction of Gray and Natsu’s snoring in particular. “I don’t know how Erza puts up with them,” muttered Lucy under her breath as she sat beside him.

He couldn’t help it – a chuckle escaped him as her frustrated pout turned into a glare. “So you decided to join me? Why Lucy, I had no idea…” Loke teased as her cheeks flushed red.

“Stop teasing me!” Lucy hissed out, being careful not to wake anyone.

“No.” Was the spirit’s prompt reply as he flicked her nose lightly, causing her to glare even harder.

Giving it up as a bad job, she finally changed the subject.

“So what were you thinking about? You didn’t even notice that I was in front of you,” the blonde asked, concerned.


“Nothing,” he quickly replied, silently hoping that she wouldn’t ask anymore and would drop the subject.

Unfortunately for him, she was nothing if not stubborn in her own right.

“Loke…what’s bothering you?” Lucy asked quietly. It was the same tone she had during the conversation they had in the resort before the whole deal with the Spirit King.

“…You almost died today,” He finally spoke, averting his gaze.

“But I didn’t.”

“You could have.”

“But I didn’t, Loke, You helped me. You saved me.”

“I almost failed.”

“Loke, look at me.” She tilted his head up to face her directly, forcing him to look her in the eye.

“You didn’t, you idiot.” Lucy smiled. It was a smile he hadn’t seen before. It was soft and gentle with the warmth of the sun.

With a shaky laugh full of relief and a mixture of emotions, he pulled her into a hug.

And this time, she returned it.  

“Stay with me?”

“Of course.”


Poem: Choice

Everything seems as if it is a dream,

Yet a deep part of me knows that truly it is reality,

That I have to stop deluding myself, that I have to start believing,

But is it so wrong for me to want to keep my heart from breaking?


The light flickers, not once, but twice and then thrice,

And then comes an innocuous roll of a dice,

Playing across the table, shadows so slight,

Mischief and mocking clearly in their eyes.


In the midst lies a moment frozen in time,

Clearly framed in black and white,

A smudge of grey, between the lines,

I wonder, which is right?


For not one or two, but three paths lie.

Life In a Story #1

“You know…”

I finally begin, hugging my knees to my chest as I lift my head towards the night-sky that was lit with twinkling diamonds of stars.

“I don’t know what to think anymore.”

The words fall from my lips akin to rain pouring from the heavens, but in a tone as quiet as the breeze and as wistful as a flash of soft light.

“I’ve always been strong. Been called strong by a lot of people,” A sad smile touches upon my lips. “But what they don’t know…”

“Is the price I’ve paid to be like this.”

“My story, my tale as you could say. They don’t know how much I’ve struggled to come this far, to become who I am today, to live as I am.”

“They don’t know.”

“Sometimes, I get these moments. Of doubt. Of conflict. Just like you. Just like everyone else. I’m going through one of them now.”

The night-sky flickers.

“This world? It’s my place, my little place of haven. This pocket of space here. Where I can just express myself. Share what I think and everything. I find it easier to express myself this way. I might either continuing posting like this permanently, I don’t know.”

“Anyway… they don’t know. They don’t see how much it’s hard to remain strong for so long. They don’t see through the facades I put. They don’t see when I do.”

“And it’s just…tiring. So tiring,” I sigh tiredly, massaging my temples.

“That’s it for now…”

“See ya.”

Thoughts about Self-Identity

A lot of people, my friends included, have told me that they’ve often wondered why was I so comfortable being myself. Why, and how, was I so secure being in my own skin? Was there a secret to it, some method?

I can’t answer that – not particularly, anyway. I’m not an expert or anything but I’ll tell why am I so secure in myself (in my opinion anyway).

Honestly, I guess it would be the fact that I know that I’m not perfect. I’m perfectly aware of that, but I don’t let it overwhelm me. In fact, I accept it and just try to be the best person I can be. I accept the fact that I have flaws and bad habits. While I do try my best to fix my bad habits and all, it doesn’t mean I succeed entirely. People make mistakes, as do I.

I’m strong, but vulnerable. I’m stubborn, but open-minded. I’m outgoing, but I’m also reserved.

So what does this all mean? Simple. I’m just a regular person like you and everyone else.

I’m just me.

The thing is, there’s only one of me in this world. Just like how there’s only one of you in this world. No one can ever truly replace you or your identity. No one can ever truly replace you as an individual, complete with personality, mindset and all.

I repeat, there’s only one of you in this world.

Your experiences, past, life choices and all define who you are. I know my life defines me, shaped me to who I am today, but it is up to me how I want to approach my future. Do I want to continually berate myself, to continually beat myself up because I’m not happy with who I am? Or do I make my choice to better myself? To be the best person I can be?

Everyone has a future. It’s just how you decide how to approach it.

As life continues, it’s highly likely I will change in some ways, but my primary, personal aim remains the same: to be the best person I can be.

It is by being yourself that you are truly beautiful.