Thoughts on “Why don’t you act your age?”

Looking back at all the pictures taken in the past, it’s amazing and nostalgic to see how far I’ve come. My childhood is gone, and so are the times of high school and college for me.

Society in general dictates that we have to and I quote, “act our age”, and that we aren’t able to be kids anymore. But what’s wrong with acting like a child from time to time, to reminisce of the times past?

The answer is – nothing.

There’s nothing wrong in acting like a kid from time to time.

There’s nothing wrong in having fun once in awhile – playing “Ice and Water” or “Hide and Seek”, going to the theme park, hanging out and socializing.

Many seem to have forgotten that, while preparing for the future is good and well, that there is also the fact that they should cherish the present, cherish the people in their lives and what they have.

Because you never know what you have until it’s gone.

Is it possible, to act our own age and still be a kid?


Age can never truly dictate your life. The only thing is, how and what you make of the most of it.