Sorry! And “It’s so easy to…”

Sorry for disappearing without warning, I had been on a trip to Taiwan. But anyway… that’s not really the main topic. Today’s thoughts, well…

It’s so easy to look at something and think to ourselves, “This is harmless. It’s perfectly fine. It won’t do any harm.” when truth be told, it DOES have the ability to mold/influence ourselves directly or indirectly.

I look at a lot of the “mainstream” artists these days, and I look at the songs – but more especially, the lyrics, the messages and meanings. More often than not, I find most of them to contain (potentially) negative influence/messages.

Hence, one of the MAJOR reasons why I turn to YouTube music, or to the music in the past like my childhood. (E.g: Colors of the Wind, I Can Go the Distance..etc)

With power (in terms of influence, in this case!) comes great responsibility, and that’s something I think a lot of people has forgotten about.

Honestly, more awareness should be brought up regarding such issues as the next generation (that all our nieces, nephews.etc are part of!) grows up. I’ve seen and met quite a few kids in which…well.. Let’s just say, I was kinda shocked but mostly, I feel sympathy for them.

Because they don’t know the joy of a simple walk in the park, the fun of going out and meeting people, with friends, playing in the playground and the like.

Next post will most probably be a part 2/continuation of this and much more extensive. Regards.