Just reflecting a bit.

I think that one of the things we often take for granted is our parents.

We see so much, hear so much…

There’s so much happening in the world – joy and suffering, laughter and sadness, lies and pain… Yet sometimes we think so much, maybe too much, or focus so much on other things that we forget what we have and who we have around us.

So that’s why, each day, I give a little thanks, pray a little thanks – feeling grateful for not only the fact that I’m alive, but also because my parents are alive.

So that’s why I hug them when I can, maybe spend a quiet moment or two with them, because –

Sometimes it’s just those little moments that matter. It doesn’t matter how old we are, or how much time has passed – but we shouldn’t, shouldn’t ever take them for granted.

My little challenge to you who’s reading this: go hug your parents, and spend a moment or two with them. It doesn’t matter if there’s talking involved or not. Just. Be with them.