Current Events: HONY and Mott Hall Bridges Academy

First off, if you’re curious what HONY is, HONY stands for Humans of New York. It’s a blog started by a photographer called Brandon, and he searches for people to photograph and stories to tell online. Most recently, the Mott Hall Bridges Academy series which is still being covered, has been both a revolution and a revelation, and a wake-up call to the world in general.

So often, we underappreciate our teachers. Not only the teachers at school, but our teachers at home and around us – those who guide us, supporting us in all that we do. Those who encourage us, and those who we learn from. Our parents could be considered our teachers, even.

Being a student myself, I realized this about three years ago and have made it a personal mission to appreciate them more, to put aside a little more time, to put in a little more effort into my work for them.

HONY, together with this series, remind and inspire me each day to be the change, to act. The general perception of “You’re too young to change the world”, is a complete and utter pack of lies.

If one child can inspire, and aspire to inspire and be the change, why can’t we?

So maybe all of us struggle, but so do these people, these residents of Mott Hall. But they don’t use struggles as an excuse, an excuse to give up, to give in.

Struggles make us stronger, Turn the weaknesses into strengths, into motivation to see that no one experiences what you have, because the pain was so great and you know how it is like to be there. Into motivation to help.

The staff of Mott Hall Academy and Brandon, the owner of HONY, I agree that they should be honoured, that they should be appreciated. But I think what they would love more, is if more people started acting on their impulses to help those like they are helping.

That’s right – a legacy.

A legacy of helping, of aiding. A legacy of being a positive change and impact.

So what has HONY and Mott Hall inspired me to do?

I like teaching; my friends told me that I have a gift in it seeing as I helped them with their work when they needed it, and was a teacher’s assistant for almost half a year. I still do help people with their work though, if they ask, but HONY and Mott Hall have reminded me that “You can do more than this.”

So I’ve been looking into teaching part-time despite studying and being heavily involved in extracurricular activities. I’ve also been looking into doing a (hopefully) large community project for the year, because why not? There’s people out there who need help, and I will do my best to try to.

I’m well aware that it will be a struggle, that there will be many frustrations and tears to come, that I will have a lot of work to do. But if I can be a positive impact on even one person, it will be worth it.

A few friends asked me this before, if not along these lines,

“Why do you what you do?”

“Because I’d rather live a life of helping, hopefully leaving a positive legacy and impact rather than one of negativity.”

P.S: Thank you, Vidal, Brandon, Mott Hall. You serve as inspirations, and reminders for many things. Thank you all for being such blessings. Continue to do what you do, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you wish to aid them, here’s the link to their Kickstarter (now for Scholarship fund):

The HONY page:

Mott Hall Bridges Academy: