Another Case



My worth is but nothing – thus I choose this road, for my freedom and for me.

Call me a coward, if you will, but to me?

What lies before me is pure and utter freedom from the chains I was bound by

Free from all the pain, the suffering and lies.”

Recently, someone committed suicide in my university yesterday.

Several have commented about the case, but after seeing a few mentioning that the institution could have done more about it and things like “Should have just asked for help”, I felt like I had to say something, at least.

It isn’t that easy.

While it is true that the university as well as similar institutions provide counselling services and such, it is not just about having the aforementioned services. It’s more about whether the student suffering from such issues have the courage to actually approach them.

To those suffering from such issues, taking the step to approach them is like Mount Everest. They don’t want to be weak, don’t dare to be. They fear. They’re scared. They might be having a lot of things on their mind.

Maybe they’re overthinking it, you think. Approaching for help is easy, you say. But you don’t know what goes in their mind.

Imagine having those little voices, saying that you aren’t good enough, life isn’t worth it – messages like that by the dozens and living with it for, possibly, a long period of time. What and how they think – we do not know.

Institutions can only do so much.

It is up to the people who have them to take the first step, to reach out.

‘Balancing on a beam high up on the cliff,
Two paths lie before me, open and waylaid,
Which should I choose? Which should I take?
I know I should live, but I am afraid.’


2 thoughts on “Another Case

  1. My voices tell me something different. I’m too good for this life. Living is horrible. Living is bad for me. I suffer because I’m alive. If I die, I will no longer the carry the burden of existence.

    Sadly, most people are happy in their bubbles. It’s hard to find someone to talk to who accepts your bodily autonomy and will let you die if you want to. Apparently, consent only applies to the Chosen Few. You want to die? TOO BAD! We don’t care and we’ll keep you alive against your will!

    • To each his own. I can’t tell you or anyone what or how to think. It’d be unfair of me to impose my views and such on any of you. But I do think that in life, there’re little things that shine.

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