5 Common Misconceptions about Arts’ Students

1) OMG SO NICE! Surely you don’t have to do much, right?



Dude, that’s a total lie. We literally drown in assignments and presentations. And most of them share similar deadlines and/or are if not a few days apart.

And that’s not even mentioning consultations yet.

And did I mention progress reports?

Our souls cry. Every day.

2) But your projects seem so fun!



They seem fun. But there’s a lot of work that goes into it. Take an advertisement for example.

  1. List of ideas.*
  2. List of concepts.*
  3. Draft the concept.*
  4. Design digitally.*
  5. Polish the designs.**

*Once approved, only then you can proceed to the next step.

**Consult with teacher for your finished product!

Consultation is life, consultation is love.

Only after all of these, this can happen:


Until you realize that you have (an)other assignment and/or presentation(s) due.

3) But why do you have to consult so much?

Me: Because everything matters. In design: from the colour scheme, consistency of the theme – everything. The wrong colour scheme can blind people, and we don’t want to blind you.

In general? We live, breathe, experience assignments daily. One mistake in your work, and once you submit it, you can NEVER change it. NEVER. That mistake can turn your grades to dust. It’s like navigating a minefield and praying that you don’t set off a bomb.


4) Your schedule seems so free though!



We are expected to be fully independent in doing our work. Whether it’s solo-ing our assignments in the library, tracking down proper locations to take pictures for said assignments, doing research on our chosen brands/products, we’re expected to do it all by ourselves. And no, they don’t pay for our petrol, okay?

5) You don’t seem like you’re having trouble though. How do you do it?



On a more serious note, time management is key. Living and making it the Number One value – it’ll make sure that you actually get a decent amount of sleep.


Here’s to all of us crazy ones, the creative, artistic ones doing what we love (and hate occasionally) at times in the Arts’ side. May Creativity be with you.