Poetry: A Touch of Reminiscence


Curled up under the covers, lost in thought

A blue orchid lay beside her, alone and desolate

Seven words reverberate through her mind – vivid and loud:

‘Dear Mom, are you happy in Heaven?

How she misses her, her scent and her warmth

The sound of her laughter, the scent of her cooking

Permeating throughout the house, ever so welcoming

The sound of utensils clinking in the kitchen, ever familiar

But, oh, how she knows – how she knows

That her mother loves her so

She hadn’t before, but now she did

As she looked down at the pendant of the amaryllis

signifying the three words of worth beyond beauty

A soft smile then tugs at her lips

And she hopes that her mother is happy wherever she is

As she would forever be with her in

both the heart and spirit.


Poetry: Breathe

So it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here, but that’s what happens when life gets in the way. I had to deal with the sudden passing of one of my grandparents….which led to life just taking over and the beginning of studies again. Here’s a slice of poetry – attempting to describe all that I’ve been feeling.

Title: Breathe

Bring me far away from reality
Nightmares I don’t want to dream
Shadows creeping ’round the heart
Gripping like a vice, making me jump-start

I don’t want this fear to be around
Cause it’s making me paranoid ’bout all sounds
Restlessness relentlessly overwhelms
I can’t escape – it’s like I’m in some kind of Hell

I try my best to seek more dreams
To avoid the pain and suffering
But these four walls are closing in on me
And I can’t bring myself to breathe.

Announcement: Diversifying My Blog & Poetry: Try

So here’s the thing: I love books/writing. I love food, and I love music. Occasionally, I take pictures. And design stuff.

I was thinking that I’d blog about other things that life perspectives to keep things interesting. And I’d keep it as organized as possible through the usage of categories and tags.

The first post in dedication to the diversification of this blog will be up by the end of the week.

Till then, here’s a poem!

Title: Try

And so she asked the young man,

Whose eyes were so weary, his posture speaking

of a depression, revealing a soul so worn,

“What is troubling you?” – on his shoulder she lay a hand,

“Why do you want to know? You wouldn’t understand…”

Her heart ached for this soul, for he was not the only one

In the grasp of the encroaching darkness of the thorns

Of sadness and pain, betrayal and lies,

From all the broken ties,

“It doesn’t mean that I cannot listen, cannot try,” was her reply,

He stared at her, gazing into her eyes,

Searching, endlessly searching for the slightest of a lie,

But there was none, and he broke down and cried,

For he had finally found someone willing to listen, to try.


Because sometimes, we just need to.